Thursday, January 28, 2010

Training, Events & A Film Premiere

This the second (and last) week of my pre-marathon training (read easy!) was interrupted by a most enjoyable event.

Myself, wife & son attended the premiere of Peter Jacksons new movie, The Lovely Bones, starring the fantastically talented Saoirse Ronan.

We arrived early afternoon to the Ronans hotel and dropped Christopher there to have his hair cut by Saoirses hairdresser - thanks Conor - and Bernie and yours truly headed off to our hotel. After booking in we had a short stroll through the streets, where I was able to get some fantastic tea (Chinese blackcurrant and a Ceylon) from a great retailer in the Georges street arcade.

A quick bite to eat and into our finery.

What should have been a short walk to the cinema turned into a taxi ride because of Bernies shoes (we'll say no more about that!).

There was already a crowd gathered outside the barriers that protected the red carpet. we went in and collected our invitations.
We met up with some friends from Dublin and Carlow and went back outside to have a laugh at some z-listers posing for the cameras and throwing shapes along the red carpet.

Turns to mate "who's she?"
Mate turns to his wife "Dunno, hay love, who's she?"
Mates wife "Erhh, I think she's from such and such a show"
"Oh OK"
"Jaysus, she has a face like boiled shite"
"Who's he?".......

Saoirse arrived, the photographers and TV cameramen went nuts trying to get the best shots. I found it all a bit surreal especially seeing my own son walk in with the entourage.

Saoirse handled all the fuss like the total pro that she is and we all wandered in to take our seats while she conducted more interviews.

An introduction by Ryan Tubridy and a few words by Saoirse preceeded the movie.

I'm not going to attempt to be a movie critic here but suffice to say it was BRILLIANT and topped off by outstanding performances by Stanley Tucci as the baddie and especially Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon.

Afterwards we ajourned to a club for a few drinks and a right bit of craic. We were so well looked after.

The conversation more than once came around to the idea of a bunch of lads from Carlow and northside Dubs - I excluded myself as I'm actually from the southside ;-) - in the VIP section of an exclusive club knocking back drink and food served by waiters while a bunch of posh dudes couldn't get passed the bouncers. WTG the lads.

A late finish and an early start but what a extraordinary night.

As for the training, well, I'm still plodding away on the dark roads, really slowly but at least I'm getting a few miles in.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Return of the prodigal

The return of the prodigal sod.

At last I've managed to get off my lazy, ever increasing arse. I really should have started training for the Edinburgh marathon 2 weeks ago but the weather gave me an excuse to eat more crap washed down with more cold beer.

So when I went for my first run of 2010 I could feel every extra wobbly kilo.

I have never started a training schedule from such a poor fitness base, it's going to be an interesting few months.

I went for a gentle 6 mile run on Saturday. When I say "gentle" what I actually mean is really slow. I wasn't comfortable at any stage and was worried about the amount of catching up I have to do in the coming months.

Sunday was a slightly faster but still very, very slow 5 miles and Monday I managed another 5 miler, again at an easy pace as I also had to contend with the dark night and poor visibility through fog patches - I have months of night runs to look forward to if I want to have any chance of doing Edinburgh.

I have also managed to get a 30 minute turbo training session on the bike each day since Saturday, although these have been very easy at least I'm getting the old legs spinning and the flabby arse used to the saddle.

My plan is to do another week or so of easy/gentle miles before I start into my formal training programme and also to increase the intensity of the turbo bike sessions - I really need to get a cadence monitor - I need to structure the sessions too.

I know it won't get any easier but maybe I'll get faster

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