Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last LSR .. Well sort of..

Last week was fairly uneventful, it finished with a 20 mile LSR, the last long run before the Dublin Marathon, although I will run 15 miles this coming weekend. I would still regard 15 miles as a longish run but with the 20's finished it feels like a break.

My Garmin 405 went nuts after about 8 miles, stopping and starting on its own. It drove me mad and messed up my pacing and distance for a couple of miles, luckily I had measured the course by car the previous evening.

Although the pace was slow I found that I was tired for the last 5 or 6 miles but I was pleasantly surprised to find my pace hadn't dropped towards the end.
Now all I have to do in less than 3 weeks time is run a lot faster for 6.2 more miles.... Oh dear !!!

The doubts are starting to creep in. I was reading a thread on boards.ie where people were listing their PB's and I noticed that a good few of them with similar half marathon times either had or were aiming for a marathon time 30 minutes slower than my target time....doubt no.1
The knees were a bit sore... start of an injury??? , A few sneezes .... is that a cold ??? Tired ... is the nutrition ok ???? Me bleedin' watch is fucked... etc. etc.
All silly things but although I've taken part in numerous events throughout this year, in fact way more that I originally set out to do, all the training has been geared towards the Dublin marathon.

Can I take nearly 3 weeks of this mental torture? ............. YES, YES I CAN......

On another note I've signed up for the Crookstown motorway 10k on the 7th November (2 weeks after the marathon :-0 )

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jami said...

I too am training for the Dublin marathon. It will be my first trip to Ireland from the hot tropical temps of Florida, USA. I have no idea of my pace since my long runs here have been hot and slow. Temps in the 80s-90s F. Cant imagine it can be cool. Like your blog. Good luck with the taper.


Chris Cassidy said...

Hi Jami
Thanks for your comment.
I'm sure that you will love Dublin.
Be sure to bring some extra clothing to keep you warm before the start, Dublin in late October can be very cold and wet, although last years race was on a beautiful sunny day.

Jayson Deuna said...

Hi Chris,
Best of luck on your upcoming marathon run. What is your target finish time? I have finished my half marathon debut at a 4:40 min/km pace and aims to finish my first marathon this coming November.
I will be reading your blogs so I could learn from you Chris. :)
Jayson of http://kastilyonglapis.blogspot.com/

Lady Melbury said...

Hi Chris,
Love the blog - makes me feel I'm not the only nutter out there ;) Thanks for the encouragement on www.joannasayers.com I really appreciated it. Just about to head off for some miles, it's pouring with rain, cold & I've just walked the dog for an hour ... hoping to shake off 'The Glums' and have a really good run today.
Best wishes

Chris Cassidy said...

Hi Joanna
Thanks for your comments.
I hope you enjoy your run.
Keep posting you training, it will keep you honest ;-)

Chris Cassidy said...

Hi Jayson
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I doubt if you can learn anything from me, especially if you are running 4.40 min/km. Well done.
I list my target and finish times on the right side of my blog "List of events 2009"