Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The pleasure of riding Alan

I managed to ride Alan twice at the weekend and a couple of quickies yesterday and today. It's so long since I had a good ride that my nether regions were a little tender afterwards. Despite the soreness it was mostly enjoyable.

"Oh dear" I hear you say "has Chris gone to the other side?"

The answer is yes but not totally, I'm still running but I started cycling again at the weekend.

Thanks to the generosity of my friend Sean, who gave me a lovely bike frame and with the addition of scrounged and salvaged parts I managed to put a nice machine on the road.

The plan is to kit out my other bike with mudguards and pannier rack to use for commuting to and from work.

I'm hoping that the extra miles on the bike will help my general fitness and therefore make the running faster or at least easier.

This is Alan before the stem was replaced with a flat one and bottle cages were added. >>>

Pretty or what ??

I have been getting in some miles road running but the pace has been really slow on most sessions. I have yet to do proper speed or tempo work. I expect to do my first tempo session this week but I am not looking forward to it, I know it will hurt !!!

Time is running short with Wicklow Adventure Race and the Edinburgh Marathon fast approaching. Time to really get the finger out and HTFU..

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