Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This week is ROAR.IE

It's been a funny couple of weeks since the Gael Force race. I also discovered that I've been spelling it incorrectly in all my previous posts. (Gale...ooops !!!)

I've been trying to stick to my marathon training schedule but I'm finding the speed work difficult.
Also last week I abandoned a 10 mile tempo run after 1.5 miles, the 1.5 miles home were very slow.
I've reduced my carb intake and I think that maybe why I had no energy.

I had to split my LSR this weekend. I was due 18 miles but what I did was 10.3 miles with a backpack (change of clothes and cross trainers) then took 1.5 hours clearing up after the Tree Climbing Competition and did the 10.3 miles home. I hope the extra few miles makes up for the half way break.
I was getting a burning sensation in my right heel from the 6th or 7th mile on the out run. I rearranged my sock but it didn't really help. I changed into my cross trainers for the home run and experienced no further problems. I must check my runners...

I haven't cycled since Gael Force but I hope to get out for a few hours today (Wednesday) It's too late to do much before Saturdays race.
I can only hope that I haven't lost too much bike fitness.
Ahh fuck it, I'll be grand....

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