Monday, September 21, 2009

A wasted week

I fully expected to be tired after the Achill Roar adventure race but I didn't expect something close to exhaustion.

On Monday evening I went to the gym to sit in the jacuzzi but it was out order for a while so I went in to do a few minutes training to try to get some of the soreness from my legs.
I ended up doing 40 mins hill programme on the treadmill and 30 mins med/easy on the spin bike, probably a little too much after the weekends efforts. At least I had the jacuzzi to look forward to. When I finished my session the damn thing was still not ready !!!! OK then a shower and home. On the way out the door to head home one of the girls calls me "hey Chris the jacuzzi is working now" AHHH FFS.

I was too wrecked on Tuesday morning to do any training and Tuesday evening was birthday pints with the lads so no training on Wednesday.
I attempted 4 x 1600's on Thursday but gave up after less than 10 mins. I had absolutely no energy, the auld pins just wouldn't move, again on Friday morning I felt like I couldn't lift my head off the pillow, absolutely no chance of running today.
All in all a totally crap unproductive week so far but a least I had Saturdays 20mile LSR to look forward to.
I was feeling more energetic on Saturday morning. The run was not as comfortable as it should have been but I remembered a terrible 20 miler in training for Dublin 08 and I probably wasn't 100% after such a poor weeks training so I reckoned I could cope with one bad one.

After about 12 miles I noticed a soreness in my groin that got progressively worse. I struggled on to Clonegal just 5 miles to home, here I stopped for a drink an a gel. I seriously considered calling someone to collect me - how many friends can you ask to put a smelly, sweaty runner into their car -but anyway I decided to push on. I was worried about aggravating my groin strain but also worried about the psychological issue of not finishing 1 of only 2 20 milers in my programme. I hobbled/jogged/walked the longest 5 miles of my life eventually making it home.

Sunday was 40 miles on the bike in beautiful sunshine and with good company. No major soreness just a slight discomfort in the groin. An enjoyable spin.

Monday morning I started a gentle jog on the treadmill but could still feel the tightness in my groin. Thoughts of missing the half marathon on Saturday or worse still the Dublin City Marathon in a few weeks time haunted me, prompting me to pay my first ever visit to a physiotherapist. Turns out that an previous knee problem was having a knock on effect on my leg. The physio says I'll be pleasantly surprised.
I'll know tomorrow morning :-)

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