Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marathon Training Week 5


Cycled home from work and then after dinner headed to the local grass track for some speed work.
My programme said I should do 10 x 400m and according to McMillan I should do them at 1.35.
Ran some warm up laps and set off for my first outdoor 400's.
After 2 laps I was wheezing like a heavy smoker.
I kept going for another few laps but my breathing was too bad to continue.
I really should have done some warm down laps but I was so pissed off that I just hopped on the bike and went home.


8k on treadmill. 38.39


35 mins on treadmill 2 x 10 @ tempo


40 mins on spin bike
9 x 1 min pushing seated, 9 x1 out of saddle & 9 x1 recovery. Balance warm up & warm down.


I was due to do 14 miles LSR but ended up doing 16 miles. The last 3 miles were the fastest but in fairness they were mostly downhill


Unknown said...

Hi Chris
2 x 10@ tempo means ?
12 mile LSR means ?

Chris Cassidy said...

Tempo runs are done at just slower than 5 mile race pace. So in this case I did 2 blocks of faster running with recovery between and after.

LSR = Long Slow Run
These runs effect how the body burns fuel.

Thanks for your input.
Hope this answers your questions.

stipes said...

are you serious?
"after dinner headed for the track"
no wonder you were wheezing.
Would you not need a couple of hours for digestion.

Chris Cassidy said...

Hi Stipes
Thanks for your comment.
I think you're right about heading for the track after dinner but in fairness at the pace I run I don't think that it would make too much difference.
The wheezing has happened to me a few times when I go anaerobic and I had put it down to a cold or something similar but I'm starting to think that it may be another underlying problem.

Thomas said...

I start wheezing when going above a certain threshold myself. I think it also has something to do with the temperatures. In winter I started wheezing on every tempo run; in summer I really have to push very, very hard to start wheezing.