Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 6


45 mins on spin bike. 3 minute blocks. 10 x 1 min pushing seated, 10 x 1 min pushing out of saddle & 10 x 1 min recovery. Balance was warm up & warm down.
The auld pins are still a little bit sore from Saturdays run. I'm not really sure why they are sore, maybe it's just old age ;-)
Brought the bike so I'll cycle home.


4 x 1200 on treadmill.
Cycle to and from work


Today was to be a non running day. I really should do some cross-training but with just over a week to go to the Gale Force Race I wanted to get in some off road miles.

I drove to a local forestry track - part of the Wicklow Way - and set off for an easy paced few miles. Although I was taking it handy the hill were steep enough to make me huff and puff.

I stopped once to take some photos. This is one of me with the windmills near Shillelagh in the backround. ----->

Just realised the windmill are really hard to see... Ahh well

A nice amount of down hill on the return, thank jaysus. Ended with just over 5 miles.


AM. 20 spin bike, easy(ish) 10 treadmill @ 14kph, 10 spin bike.

PM. Loaded up the backpack for an easy 5 miles. I had to put the brakes on after 3 miles as I was way too fast. - I've just re-read that sentence, ha ha, "way too fast" love it - I didn't want to be tired or sore for Adidas 10 mile run on Saturday. Plodded the last 2 miles home.

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