Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pre Gale Force Race

I went for a run on Tuesday. My intention was to do a steady 5 mile run but I ended up doing just over 9 mile really, really slowly. I don't know why the legs wouldn't work, maybe it was the few pints of Guinness the night before - well, I am on holidays - or the tiredness from the Adidas 10 miler on Saturday or maybe the start was a little more hilly than I had realised but the old pins didn't want to move.

I was running along bohereens along by Croagh Patrick. The scenery and views were stunning. At one point I was chasing a sheep along the road - Oh Jaysus, that sounds weird - I could see the road heading up along the mountain towards a coll and got it into my head to keep going until I hit the summit. I stoped there to walk around for a while a did a little dry reaching (that's not good) before setting off for home.

Picture taken on run ---->

The last few miles home were torture.
I'm glad I got out and did the miles even if they weren't too much fun....

The plan for Wednesday was to head off for a easy 25/30 mile spin on the bike.

I awoke to the sound of rain beating on the window and howls of wind.

Once again I wondered how bleedin' mad I was.

With the exception of one 25 mile spin while on holidays in Dingle I haven't cycled more than 10 mile in one go since the Wicklow 200 in early June.

I headed out through Louisburgh and on to Delphi.

After a while the rain doesn't bother me too much but the wind, the wind is a bastard. From Louisburgh to Delphi the head wind was murder. My intention for the spin was to have an easy ride without using too much energy or hurting the legs, what happened on the way out was that I had to peddle even on the downhills.

Although the picture above doesn't do justice to the surroundings I was very aware of the beautiful area that I was cycling through.

I turned around a Delphi and headed back along the same route. The wind had dropped and the 30mph flat sections were all me !!!!!

Made it back in record time and again glad that I had made the effort to get out today....

Went to the beach PM to try some surfing but the red flags were out and we decided to leave it until another time..

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