Sunday, July 12, 2009


This blog is named "Training, Events & Things"

I started it mainly to put out my training schedule in an attempt to keep me honest.
This post is about one of the "things" and has nothing to do with training or events.

I was involved with Drimnagh Basketball Club for a good number of years. I lost touch with the club and a lot of friends when I moved away from Dublin.
On Saturday Drimnagh were playing in the Leinster final of the community games in my local town.

I haven't seen a Drimnagh team play for a long time. I arrived just after the game started and as I walked in I saw 3 players from the same team, one after the other dive for the ball, I'll tell you now that I didn't have to look to the bench to see what colour Drimnagh were wearing to know what team was what, the level of commitment in Drimnagh hasn't changed.

I lost most of my nails during the first game - the semi final - and I'm sure that I shouted at the refs far more than I should have. The funny thing about this is that despite the fact that I haven't been involved in basketball for years I wanted to jump in beside the coach and say "why don't you do this or why don't you do that"

Drimnagh won the semi final eventually and were set for the Leinster final.

Between games I went for a coffee with my son and an old friend, I have to say that the clock was turned back for that hour or so. I had a very enjoyable time.

Drimnagh won the final with style, some of the players stood out, they have the potential to become a force in Irish basketball.
The Drimnagh team were so well drilled and did the right thing at the right time so often that it is a testament to their coach(s)

I haven't been involved with Drimnagh Basketball Club for a lot of years but after Saturdays games I think that I will head to the finals in Athlone to support a fantastic group of players.

In all the years that I've been away from basketball, I don't think that I've ever missed it as much as I did when I saw those kids play on Saturday......................

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