Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Bike

The bike started with a phone call from Eddie

"Hey, Git you want to do the Wicklow 100?"
"Let me check it out. I'll call you back"

Some internet research later !!!

"Hey Ed, had a look at that. The wicklow 100 is for puffs we should do the 200. There are some proper climbs in the 200"

Jaysus, me a me big gob !!! How I was going to regret that remark over the coming weeks.

Turns out that Ed is a big puff after all and bottled the whole bike thing, however, his older and better looking brother Allen is altoghter a different kettle of fish. Turns out that Al and his sexy new carbon fibre bike are up for the challenge.

So with 8 weeks to the event we started training for the Wicklow 200

We have added a few extra events as part of the training. The first one is the Sliabh Bloom Challange

I have done some spins on the bike, mostly with Allen. The longest spin was just over 80 miles on Sunday 19th April and we have also headed up the Corrubut Gap a few times (that still hurts) added to that are some flatter spins. Not many miles but hopefully enough to complete the sportives.

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