Monday, May 18, 2009

Sportsworld 5 mile run - Sunday 17th May

Early start again, have to get to Dublin for 9am.

The legs feel remarkably good considering yesterdays 140km cycle.

I met Sean at the sign in and we ran a warm up together. We headed for the start a waited on the footpath for the road to close.
I was right at the front. After all my moaning about fat arses getting to the front at the bupa 10k and getting in the way, I was suddenly that fat arse.

When the race started I knew I was running a little faster than usual but was surprised to find the first mile was at 7 min mile pace.
I saw a guy that I recognised from taking photos and found this one that he took. (thanks Private)
Way tooooo fast for the training I had done and I knew that I would slow down soon enough.
The second mile was at 7.i5 and it was all going to be downhill after that.
Only realised at the third mile marker that I could take split times. It was interesting to see the results after.
My 4th mile was the slowest by a good bit at 7.44 but was back into the 7.20's for the last mile. Had I paid more attention to my watch I would have tried to knock the odd 7 seconds off my finish time.
I tried to push a bit for the last 1 - 1.5 miles but couldn't get the legs to go any faster. I really need to do some speed work.
I finished with 37.07 which I'm reasonably happy with. Hopefully I can improve on that for the Adidas 5 mile next month........

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