Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week commencing Monday 4th May 09

Bank Holiday Monday

The legs are still a little stiff and sore from the cycle yesterday.

Wanted to see if I could run after a long cycle as the Mount Leinster Challenge and the SportsWorld 5 miler are coming up in 2 weeks time.

Went to the gym, weather was bad for road running but I also wanted to sit in the jacuzzi.

5 minutes warm up on the treadmill @ 10.5kph
Few static stretches
Set the distance for 8km
Started @ 12.5 kph
I was getting pains down my shins and in my left foot after about 1km. The shin pains were a bit more severe than I normally get and I really struggled from about 3km.
I set a target of 4km before reducing the pace but managed to get to 5 km and then reduced to 10.5kph

Distance: 8km
Time : 42.15
Average pace: 11.4kph

Tuesday 5th May

Intended to rest today (actually intended to do a short weight session in the gym)
I was fucking knackered when I woke up.

Change of plan
Went to the gym early evening for a spin class.

Spinning 30/35 minutes
Treadmill 25 minutes @ 10.5kph
Distance covered 4.33k

Wednesday 6th May

Tired when I got up this morning and my stomach felt a little dodgy.

Chest and Biceps session

All 4,4,6,8 sets
Chest Press
Biceps Curl
Incline Chest Press
Zottoman Curls
Dumbbell Flyes
Reverse Curls

Eventually got through the sets, took way too much time for recovery. Stomach still dodgy.

Thursday 7th May

Rest day

Friday 8th May

I had intended to do a back and triceps session but I was late getting to the gym and my energy levels were low.
My revised plan was to do some intervals on the treadmill.
Only managed 5 min warm up and 1 x 10 min interval @ level 11
Christopher has been out of school for the past 2 days according to the doctor he has some type of virus. I'm thinking that I must have a touch of something as I'm still feeling totally knackered and my stomach is still not great.

Saturday 9th May

Did 4.81 miles cross country with the club lads.
Total of 6 short laps. First 1.5 laps was slow at about 9.5min miles, pace picked up after that.
I wasn't as comfortable as I should have been at that pace, must still be a little off colour.
Distance 4.81 miles, Time 41.34, Average 8.38 mins per mile

Sunday 10th May

Headed for the Corrubut gap on the bike with the intention of heading up the climb to the Nine Stones on Mount Leinster.
It was tough on the gap, I stopped at the top for a drink and a bar (took a way longer break that I should have) As I look across at the road to the Nine Stones I tried to find any plausible excuse not to head up there.
Ahh fuck it, just go for it.
Turns out it was a really handy climb, I didn't get out of the saddle and actually finished the last bit on the big ring.
Returned through Fenagh and Rathoe.
Overall 40 miles.....

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