Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week Commencing Monday 27th April

Monday 27th April

Went to gym. Did a leg and abs/core session

All set of 4,4,6,8 aming for failure on the last set.

Squats 55kgs (I know, I'm working on it)
Hamstring curls 65kgs
Leg Raises 65kgs
Lunges with 16kgs in each hand.

Mixed with Plank and Swiss Ball sit ups.

Tuesday 28th April

Didn't hear the alarm. Missed the planned A.M. session.
Hoped to have a P.M session but a friend had some issues that had to be attended to, so the training had to me missed.
Went to pub late and had a few pints

Wednesday 29th April

No early start today after the pints.
Went to gym.
Session was:
10 Minute warm up on treadmill @ 11kph
1x 10 min interval on treadmill at level 11
1 x 10 min interval on treadmill @ level 10
50 mins on spin bike
1 min easy
2 mins pushing sitting down
2 mins pushing out of the saddle

Thursday 30th April

Went to Dublin to get a new chainring on the bike (34 inner ring, what a puff)
Just made it to the gym 45 mins before closing.

Session was:

20 mins treadmill @ 12.1 kph
20 mins spin bike

4 mins easy/med
1 min out of saddle

3 mins easy/mid
2 mins out of saddle

2 mins easy/med
3 mins out of saddle

1 min easy/med
4 mins out of saddle

Friday 1st May

40 mins treadmill @ 10.5 kph

Saturday 2nd May

Rest day
Sliabh Bloom cycle tomorrow

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