Monday, May 11, 2009

Week commencing 11th May

Monday 11th May

A.M. Gym

Back & Triceps (4,4,6,8 sets)

Bent over barbell row
Skull crushers
Wide grip lat pulldowns
Seated tri extensions
Close grip lat pulldowns
Cable tri extensions


5 mile run 39.45..... 7.57 mins average

Tuesday 12th May

A.M. Gym

Legs & Abs

Hamstring Curls
Leg Raises

Mixed with Plank & Swiss ball Sit Ups


Short hilly spin on the bike.. about 25 miles

Wednesday 13th May

A.M. Gym

Shoulders & Traps

Dumbbell Overhead Press
Lat Raises
Upright Row
Bent over Lat Raises

Thursday 14th MAy

A.M. Gym

40 mins easy on spin bike

Friday 15th May

Rest day...... Mount Leinster Challenge tomorrow !!!

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Anonymous said...

Well done on the Wicklow 200!